Laura Scaglione

Life Purpose coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified vegan nutritionist and Ho’oponopono practitioner.

Welcome! I’m Laura, I help women awaken their heart to Self Love, developing healthy relationships with their mind and body, unlocking their potential and overcoming limiting beliefs.


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I'm Laura - multipassionate woman and Life Purpose Coach. I'm here to encourage other women to love themselves and live their best life. It took time and practice to learn to love myself but, finally, falling in love with who I am completely changed my life. I want to help you get to know yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

All my coaching options focus on Self Love, the essential ingredient we need to have a fulfilling life. Every transformation begins with a thought. You can decide that now is the time to start loving yourself and doing so, you are giving a precious gift to the world. I honor your decision and I'm here to support you, from step one.

You can book your free consultation or simply get in touch with me to have more information. Let's connect.

July 2024
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Laura Scaglione.

Lake Como, IT