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We are like the ocean,

we are not meant to fit in a glass.

Hello there!

I’m Laura – multipassionate woman and Life Purpose Coach. I love nature, travels, spirituality, self development, philanthropy, art, wellbeing and nutrition. I’m here to help other women living their best life, because WE ARE WORTHY OF IT! It’s astonishing what’s truly possible to achieve when we set our mind (and heart) to.

When I was younger I suffered for my parents’ divorce and for the tragic loss of a loved person. My limiting beliefs and a bad relationship with my body led me to anxiety and panic attacks. I consciously decided to shut down my heart, to prevent it from breaking again, ending up more and more frustrated with the life I was living. Turning 30, I decided that I couldn’t live that way anymore. I left everything – boyfriend, job, friends, country… my comfort zone – and I took one year off to travel, searching for my true Self. The years became five…

Do not let your shadow walk you. You are not a slave of the past. Dodinsky

I shed my skin, faced my shadows, so that the woman I am now could emerge. Fully committed to live a fulfilling life, a believer in human potentialities and a cheerleader of unconditional love. I love being “outside the box”, where dreams dwell and where I feel free to create. Whatever your path is or will be, I wish you courage and compassion to face challenges, detours, failures, knowing that they’re part of this great game called life. Let’s take the first step together.

You cannot grow unless you’re willing to change. Leon Brown


Laura Scaglione

Laura Scaglione.

Lake Como, IT