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Welcome! I'm Laura.

Life Purpose Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified vegan nutritionist and Ho'oponopono Practitioner

I help women awaken their heart to Self Love, developing healthy relationships with their mind and body, unlocking their potential and overcoming limitations. Since we live in a universe made of energy, thoughts and food have an impact on our life, whether they raise or lower our vibration. Understanding how they can affect us, it’s the first step towards awareness and change.
Choosing fresh, unprocessed, seasonal and possibly organic food is the key for a longer and healthier life and furthermore it’s a compassionate and more sustainable choice for the planet.

Happiness is the highest form of health. Dalai Lama

Once you love yourself, taking care of your mind and body, you feel entitled to dream big. Moved by trust and confidence that abundance is your birthright, you take meaningful action to reach your goals. Your happiness is the happiness of the planet too, because every single high vibration contributes to raising the vibration of humanity (we are One!).

As we are entering an era dominated by the light of our hearts, if you want to thrive in all ways, the key is being authentic. BE YOU, with your personality, your unique gifts and your dreams. Make your heart and your intuition your GPS. They know the way.

The power of the heart is to be connected with who you are at the deepest level. Eckhart Tolle

It’s time to show up for yourself, unveil your greatness and return to your true Self – LOVE – so together we can help the planet.
Awaken your heart and follow it.



Coaching options.

Take care of your mind, body and soul

1 to 1

Detox your body & mind

Individual transformational sessions for women who are committed to live their best life and want to enjoy total wellbeing. This option includes vegan recipes to detox the body.


Choose this path if you:

  • want a better relationship with yourself
  • lack clarity on your life situation
  • feel you’re “missing something”
  • want to find your life purpose and live a fulfilling life
  • are ready to change but don’t know how
  • want to start loving your body and clear out toxins from it
  • want to adopt a growth mindset
  • want to want to tap into your own power
  • want to restore your natural well-being
  • want to improve overall the relationship with yourself

Coaching group

I MATTER – Path to self-love for heart leaders

A six week program designed for women who want:

healthy relationships with their body, mind and soul

quality relationships

greater vitality

confidence in their body

better opportunities in career


What’s included:

  • 6 live circles via Zoom
  • 6 individual sessions (30′)
  • Weekly workbook – with activities to activate and enhance your body-mind-soul connection
  • Supportive community – exclusive members only Facebook Group


1- Self awareness and willingness

Taking 100% of responsibility for our lives is what gives us motivation and power.
Self assessment.


2 – Body Love
Learning how to communicate with our body, listening to its messages and releasing what doesn’t serve us.
Body assessment.


3 – Triple Acceptance

Accepting who we are, accepting others and accepting what is, to change not out of despair but out of love.
The art of surrendering.
Shadow work.


4 – Compassion
Connecting at a deeper level with ourselves.
Inner child healing.


5 – Forgiveness
Healing childhood wounds.
Releasing anger and resentment.
Forgiveness as a form of love towards ourselves.


6 – The New Woman
Reconnecting to the Wild Woman.
Pleasure and Abundance.
Melting the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.
Mindset and motivation.
Embodying the Creatrix.

For enquiries, please contact me at


All the sessions are online via Zoom

Laura Scaglione.

Lake Como, IT